The ‘Dying’ Trades of Singapore

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Traditional trades in Singapore have seen a vast decrease over the years. This project aims to preserve, appreciate and remember the traditions that make up our collective culture. Through raising awareness of the dwindling number of professionals in such fields, the project hopes to encourage youths to continue showing support for these trades and the workers that still hold fast to such ‘dying’ trades.

When asked who made up most of their customers, the affable siblings of Associated Handicrafts Co replied that their clients were mostly reduced to members of temples who would order their craft houses to be burnt when celebrating special occasions for different Gods. These ‘houses’ would be offered to the respective Gods on their respective special day.
"We don’t take note of the time we take to complete one craft or house. We just build onto what we have day by day, and move on to a new one once we’re done." In a matter of minutes under his nifty hands, bundles of sticks, tape and glue are magically moulded into a structure that resembles the roof of a house.
“A fresh graduate can easily earn $3k — $4k a month and get to work in an air-conditioned office. Who wants to do manual labour in hot and dirty places?” “It’s a pity if we have to close, we’ve been around for over 30 years. Hopefully a benefactor can come and help us!”