OK… so my worst nightmare came true. I lost everything in my external hard drive.
Yes, a l l my high-res photos which I was so excited to blog about in the summer holidays. It was a real bummer and my motivation to do an update literally went straight down to zero 🙁 so yes that explains the long hiatus.

Well here I am with a new url, trying to start over. I decided that I’ll still do travel updates with the photos left in my phone (thank God I still have these) in case something suddenly happens to all my photos again. My heart dies a little on the inside every time I think about it… :'(

Blogging from the phone is quite a chore but I’ll try my best… Where’d I stop?

Aaah yes, Lyon. Lovey, lovely, Lyon. I spent one of my best days in France here, the weather was so kind to us and escaping from the hustle and bustle of Paris made it a perfect weekend getaway. 🙂

img_1557Erica looked so cosy in our Airbnb apartment I couldn’t help taking this picture of her 🙂

Us outside the Cathédrale St. Jean-Baptiste ^_^

img_1576There were so many quaint little cafes and intriguing shops along the streets we had the best time shopping around the area. You also get to listen to random street performances which really liven up the atmosphere.

img_1577img_1381_1After shopping and stopping for some desserts, we decided to take a mini hike up to the La Basilique de Nôtre Dame de Fourvière perched on top of Fourvière hill. I found out after that you can also choose to take a tram to the top with a regular metro or bus ticket, but I’d choose to walk again if the weather was good. Erica was a lovely travel companion so I really enjoyed myself.



Best. Decision. Yet. The view was so pretty it made us so happy. We stayed there until sunset because ~good vibes~. Visiting the Basilica and getting this amazing paranomic view was free, and the entry to the Museum of Religious Art is 5 euros.

img_1539img_1541Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetimg_1555img_1559Lyon, you’re beautiful. And I can’t wait to be back one day 🙂

Last but not least, we both took a Blablacar back to Paris that weekend and it was so great!!
Blablacar is a car-sharing service where a local picks up people going in the same direction. The cost is almost the same or sometimes cheaper than taking a train, depending on your driver. Although travelling time may be slightly longer, I highly recommend it because you get to chat with the locals and look at awesome scenery along the way.

Here’s a picture of our ride back 😀



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