We flew from Singapore to Paris with a transit in Zurich for around SGD$1,200 for a return trip if I remember correctly. Our departing flight was via SwissAir and Lufthansa! Not extremely impressed with the service by SwissAir but Lufthansa was great! And Lufthansa’s plane seats are much more comfortable as well.

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The first night, our accommodation was located at Nanterre, France.

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Nanterre is one of the western suburbs of Paris but it was really convenient for us because we could get to Paris from a nearby metro station through the express subway. Our airbnb host was extra kind to pick us up directly from the bus station near his apartment.

Since we arrived pretty late in the afternoon due to a flight delay, our host suggested that we head down to a nearby Christmas market which was only a 10-minute walk away!

This was our first Christmas market so I was pretty excited and wide-eyed for all the scrumptious looking food. I’ll admit to being a hopeless sweet-tooth addict here, so my eyes were basically lighting up at every signboard that screamed “Churros” or “Crepes”. 

IMG_0707low-resIMG_0999low-resIMG_0695low-resIMG_0729IMG_0715low-resIMG_0714low-resIMG_0704 low-resThere’s something about Christmas markets that give you warm, fuzzy vibes in both your heart and tummy.

We’d have love to try more food but our host offered to prepare our dinner for us. Guess what? IMG_1014low-res

Looks lovely ain’t it!! It was such a simple dish – Traditional melted Raclette over the grill accompanied by humble boiled potatoes, and a variety of dried meat selection. Not forgetting the ridiculously cheap wine available in their supermarkets!! The french love cheese and wine. Love is probably even an understatement. It’s probably the equivalent staple food to them as rice and noodles are to Asians.

Shoving boiled potatoes down our stomachs with a couple of glasses of red wine plus insightful conversations with the host – that concluded our first night in France.




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